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Nawab Kahn

Santoorist, composer, experimentalist, music therapist and many more to come... are the titles give to Nawab Khan. A man who is truly living up to his name in the world of music. He is a musician with no boundaries attached for creativity.

Hailing from a family of musicians who performed in the royal courts of the Maharajas of Rajasthan, he boasts of music in his blood. Nawab Khan started music at the age of 6 and he discovered his love, interest and passion for Santoor as his main leading instrument. It is an ancient string musical instrument with 100 strings attached, native to Jammu and Kashmir.

The musician is on a journey of setting up the Indian classical music way beyond than just entertainment. Spirituality and healing through music are the two major aspects of Indian classical music that are being explored by him. Apart from his prior education of Bachelors in Music, he has also learned Music therapy from Shri Govind Kalla and Arvind Pareekji. He is devoted is promotion of Indian classical music.

For him, the relation between Raagas (specific combinaitions of melody and rythm linked to specific moments of a day or mindset) and meditation aiming at awarness seems to be obvious and is part of "our" daily life. Through his residency at Dominicains de Haute-Alsace, Nawab Khan wanted to meet other musicians to combine their music. But he wanted especially to learn more about the transcultural impact of Raagas (melody) on an European audience in comparison to an indian audience, as well as, the impact of indian Santoor music and Raagas on Europeans following psychological therapies and treatments (stress, traumatisms etc.)