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Narissara Pianwimungsa


Narissara Pianwimsunga lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand, and studied painting at Silpakorn University in Bangkok. She has since expanded her artistic skills to include a variety of art forms, such as poetry and a book which compiles her often troubling thoughts.

Her residency with the Amis de l'Esparrou allowed her to develop her project The Space Between Us, which takes as its starting point the idea that there are two profound tragedies in the human condition: solitude, which is spatial, and impermanence, which is temporal. The attempt to subvert these feelings is to try to find the ‘opposite’. This is ‘intimacy’. She undertakes visual and textual research, examining the relationship between people, culture and philosophy to see if there is anything missing, added or changed in comparison with her previous knowledge. The project is presented in the form of paintings combining images and texts.