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Lara Sarkissian/

Song compositor

Lara Sarkissian

Lara Sarkissian is a sound artist, composer, DJ and filmmaker born and based in San Francisco, CA. She received her B.A degree (2014) from University of California, Berkeley's Interdisciplinary Studies program with focus on new media and film. First of all a filmmaker, Lara Sarkissian had learnt to produce musics with a narrative and cinematic feel. Music writting is like a visual practice : she think about colors, stories and conversations in her editing process. The way she edits and produces her music has a lot to do with the way she would edit a film.

In addition to her filmmaker participation-production, Lara Sarkissian is co-funder of Club Chai in the Bay Area ; a music label, radio show, event series and curatorial project that focues on the artistic hybridization of non western sounds with contemporary western culture, by diasporic, woman identifying, and trans artists. Under the project, she has produced sound and DJ workshops. Sarkissian's electronic music weaves in ambient and experimental approaches, sound collage techniques and produces scores for films and installations.

For her Odysse Residency at Dominicains de Haute-Alsace, she was interested in producing a suround sound, spatialized audio piece of an original composition she wrote. She imagined this sound project to be paired with a video/projection artist which one she could collaborate during her residency.