music Arc-et-Senans

Driss El Maloumi/

Composer and lutenist

Driss El Maloumi


Driss El Maloumi was born in 1970 in Agadir, Morocco. He was trained in Western and Arabic classical music, gaining many awards during the course of his studies. His performances explore both traditional and contemporary musical worlds. As a composer, he has written music for numerous events as well as music for films, and he is currently director of the Agadir Conservatory of Music.

Driss El Maloumi has played with prestigious international artists such as Jordi Savall and the Hespèrion XXI Ensemble, Montserrat Figueiras, Pierre Hamon, Keyvan Chemirani, Françoise Atlan, Omar Bachir and Carlo Rizzo, working in diverse genres including early, traditional and classical music. He has also played with jazz musicians including trumpeter Paolo Fresu, double bassist Claude Tchamitchian and drummer Xavi Maureta. Driss El Maloumi has played on the greatest stages across the world with the Trio 3MA, with musicians Ballaké Sissoko (master of the African kora) and Rajery (king of the Madagascan valiha). The ensemble’s latest album, Anarouz, was released in 2017. Driss El Maloumi also formed his own trio with percussionists Hocine Baqir and Said El Maloumi (his brother). The trio has released two albums, L’Ame Dansée (2005 - Budha Musiques) and Makan (2013 - Contrejour).

In May, the Saline Royal d’Arc-et-Senans hosted the project Voyageurs Mystiques, a musical and poetic work combining religious texts from across the world (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, animist) with jazz, Arabic and world music. Its musical director is Driss El Maloumi, and his brother Said brings the colours and rhythms of world percussion to the project. In a time of division and confrontation this musical journey, which links past and present, is a message of openness, unity and beauty.