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Angeles Cornejo/

Animation filmmaker and designer

Angeles Cornejo

2019 2020

Ángeles Cornejo was born in Salta, a traditional and conservative town in the north of Argentina.

She trained in film and television production, but her interest in the arts led her to become an animator and animation director.

Her residency project: Extrañas, extranjeras y extraviadas is a collaborative graphic novel on the subject of migrant women, developed with the Argentinian writer Sol Cifuentes. The project brings together six autobiographical stories, told and illustrated by people with lived experience of migration. What happens when migration also involves languages? Can we be the same in a different language? Can a host language be a tool for liberation?

During their residencies in October 2019 at the Château de Goutelas and at the Cité du Mot, Ángeles Cornejo and Sol Cifuentes worked together on the first part of their graphic novel. They also hosted workshops in partnership with host centres for migrants, in order to develop the remaining chapters.

In 2020, Cornejo and Cifuentes return to the Cité du Mot for another period as artists in residence.