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Alioune Thiam/

Artist and realisator

Alioune Thiam

2019 2018

The Senegalese artist Alioune Thiam is a specialist in video mapping and is interested in the way that image and sound can crystallise a culture through an interactive installation.

Alioune Thiam was born in Kaolack in 1993, and lives in the Senegalese capital, Dakar. He has worked as a motion and graphic designer, and is interested in the impact that interactive digital technology can have on the visual arts. His work includes a collaborative video-mapping project for the 12th Dakar Biennial, a digital exhibition entitled ‘MAPP’EXPO’ at the Alliance Française in Kaolack and the workshop ‘CREA’MAPP’ where he gave technical training to young people from his home town.

Alioune Thiam was an artist in residence at Noirlac Abbey to develop his video-mapping project ‘Un son, une identité’, which he created specially for the abbey.

The first phase of the project involved research and preparation of the site during autumn 2018, with the installation taking place in November 2019.

The aim of Thiam’s project was to promote Senegalese culture, combining it with African and Gregorian religious musical traditions to create an immersive and interactive audiovisual experience which was adapted to the architecture of the Abbey’s vaults.