Patricia Garcia Gil/


Patricia’s brilliant career has already given rise to a considerable amount of concert tours throughout the world attracting the interest of the press, that has described her performances as “set apart by consummate musicianship, confident technique and elegant interpretation that manifested itself across the wide range of repertoire on her program”, “tremendous energy and precision”, “clean, sensitive playing”, “originality, genius, mastery, virtuosity, interaction with the listeners”.
Recent highlights include her prizes at Juventudes Musicales of Spain, Romantic Fortepiano Mario Calado, Premio Crescendo to the best performance of Mozart,  Premio Ferrari,  Paris Music Competition, EMA Summer Scholarship, EMA Emerging Artist, and Xixón Early Music Competitions.
Patricia is also an actor, and she helps creating shows which combine music, painting, and theatre. With her repertoire choices and research, she strives for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility by enhancing the profiles of underrecognized female composers and outreaching to audiences who tend to connect rarely if at all with classical music performance.
She is a Teaching Assistant, Minerva Scholar, and DMA student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro under the tutelage of Dr. Andrew Willis.  She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Historical Keyboard Society of North America.