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Zahra Luengo


The Spanish visual artist Zahra Luengo investigates the relationship between nature and knowledge. Her creative technique involves collecting fragments of abandoned posters from the walls of towns and assembling them into large collages.

Zahra Luengo was born in 1985 in Cadiz, Spain, and specialises in the visual arts. In 2011, having completed her diploma in printing arts and graphic design, she joined the social centre ‘La Nave’. She began to develop her touring project Overlayer, collecting adverts and layering them, revealing their historicity. In 2013 she moved to Berlin to pursue her urban explorations and search for graphic posters. She developed a close relationship with her surroundings through the examination of these posters, which are often overlooked but reveal a part of the city’s history. Putting them together, she has created rich works of art which unveil this forgotten history, like a city’s personal diary. She has also taken part in numerous workshops, in particular with children in Ecuador in 2016 and in Lyon in 2017.

Zahra Luengo’s residency in September and October 2018 at the Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau gave her time for the deep introspection and contemplation which are necessary for creative work. During this time she developed a work entitled The entangled particles (Love at subatomic scale), a metaphysical reflection on existence, space, time, causality and aesthetics. She also carried out bibliographic research, developed workshops and collected posters and notices in the surrounding towns in order to create her collages.

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Arte (November 2017)