Mawusse Kpakpo Akue Adotevi/

Philosophy researcher & teacher

Mawusse Kpakpo Akue Adotevi


A researcher and teacher in philosophy, Mawusse Kpakpo Akue Adotevi works on language, memory and orality.

Mawusse Kpakpo Akue Adotevi is a teacher and researcher in the philosophy department of the University of Lomé in Togo, and specialises in the philosophy of language. He examined the philosophical œuvre of Jacques Derrida in his thesis entitled Jeux de langage et raison communicationnelle: le statut de l’incompréhension dans le langage, which was published in 2014, and in his article De l‘archivage du sens: entre écriture et oralité, published in the Cahiers du Centre d’études linguistiques et historiques par tradition orale in Niamey. Mawusse Kpakpo Akue Adotevi is a member of the Réseau Afrique Interdisciplinaire Langage, Argumentation et Cognition dans les traditions Orales (LACTO), and teaches history of science, logical empiricism, philosophy of knowledge, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of artificial intelligence and epistemology.

During his three-month residency at the IMEC-Abbaye d’Ardenne, he conducted research on the theme ‘Dramatisation and historicity of the archive: the Derridean concept of writing’, drawing on the institution’s Jacques Derrida archive. Starting with an analysis of orality, he also looked at the question of absence (of the originator and the recipient) which is assumed by linguistic and oral signs. These signs can be constantly reinterpreted and therefore hold multiple meanings. The research looked in particular at the case of orality and the link between dramatisation and the creation of meaning, and reveals the fact that dramatisation may also be observed in the written word.