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Matthieu Romanens/

Tenor and musicologist

Founded in 2022, Rubens Rosa is an ensemble specialising in the historically informed performance of music from the Middle Ages and early Renaissance.

It is co-directed by Aliénor Wolteche (bowed viols) and Matthieu Romanens (tenor and musicologist), both recent graduates of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.

Their ensemble has been selected by competition to perform as the opening act for the prestigious Huelgas Ensemble at the interdisciplinary 'Erasmus klingt' Festival (September 2022, Basel).

The interdisciplinary and complementary nature of their musical approaches, fostered by their two-man artistic direction, is the hallmark of Rubens Rosa. In addition to their work as musical performers, the artists believe that educational outreach will enable them to raise awareness among a new audience of music that they are passionate about but which sometimes has difficulty breaking out of the traditional production circuits (specialist festivals, church concerts, etc.).


Residency project:

Research residency and workshops.