Lucia Malerba/


Lucia Malerba was born in Pavia in 1984.

From 2005 to 2015, she studied illustration with the Italian illustrator Octavia Monaco.

She worked on a number of short films as an author, and in 2016 she took part in her first feature film, Akra by Devin Horan, a film co-written with British writer Gary J. Shipley.

She has also long collaborated with the local newspaper Il Resto del Carlino and for ZERO magazine, writing reviews and articles on art, cinema and events.

Lucia Malerba and Niccolò Manzolini met in 2014, La Mangoosta was born.

Residency project:

To create an animated film entitled Un vert d'enfer. This film was born out of a fascination for the Amazon rainforest, as a present-day scene of great contradictions and as an original, almost mythological place. The forest is a place of the imagination par excellence in all cultures, from Western fairy tales to the oral histories of ancient cultures, from the original parables of the great religions to Dante's "selva oscura". It's an ideal setting in which to tell the story of an individual's journey of initiation, the symbolic passage into the unknown, the questioning of one's own certainties to reach a new consciousness.

Synopsis: At the end of the 19th century, in the Amazon rainforest, two explorers, a man and a woman, are abandoned by their guides. Illness and hunger plunge them into a hallucinatory vortex that opens the door to ghosts of the past and future.