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Fabbio Morelli/

Filmmaker, videographer

Fabio started studying filmmaking in 2010 at Immagina Film School of Florence, in Italy and, at the same time, he was studying acting at the Puccini Theater and at Dance Performance School. His goals have always been focused on telling stories and bringing them in front of an audience.

His other passion is Nature and that is why he graduated in Geological Sciences at the University of Florence to pursue his curiosity for understanding our planet. For years he has been developing his work while combining these passions resulting in the creation of documentaries that explore the relationship between art, human, and Nature.

As a writer and director, his short documentaries have been awarded in the Raccortiamoci Film Festival of Messina, in 2019, and the international video contest On the rocks in 2018. Recent highlights include the nominations for his documentary film “Natural Survival” at the Bovec Outdoor, the Lift-off International, and Swiss Mountain Film Festivals in 2021. 

He has written and directed a documentary funded by I-Portunus and Creative Europe on female French composers from the eighteenth and nineteenth century, which premiered in Hunter, New York, within an artist residency organized by the Catskill Mountains Foundation.

Fabio has co-directed a documentary for the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri for the Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli in the heart of Florence (Italy). He has collaborated with international musicians, recorded concerts in China, UK, USA, and Europe, and produced a short documentary web series about the development of the piano, supported by some of the most important organizations related to the music field, such as the Metropolitan Museum of New York.