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Pulak Halder


Pulak Halder is a photographer for more than two decades. Ever since, he has been searching for experimental photography with direct experiences from natural objects and architecture challenging their limits and incorporating those challenges and transformations into the final visual art piece. He calls his work as “Painting with Camera”. Many of his photographs have been exhibited in national and international salons. Some of his works are permanently displayed at “Prakriti Bhavan”- one and only Nature Art Museum in Santiniketan, India 
As in many parts of the Europe, France is home to several heritage sites and monuments. During this residency his research exercise “Sketching the Heritage of France through Lens” will be an attempt in humility to photograph the works of artists and architects whose masterpieces had endured over time. He will try to sketch the magnificent architecture through the lens instead of a pencil. His project will, hence, explore the capacity of visual narrative to capture the heritage past of France.