Cross-residencies for inspiration/

Cross-residencies for inspiration

The ACCR has relaunched cross-residencies between CCRs, a mechanism that has many advantages: it opens up territories to the international scene through the circulation of artists and encourages the crossing of projects.


Château de Goutelas (France, Loire)

Perla Joe Maalouly (NAFAS Program) and Gabriela Golder (Odyssée Program) were in residence at the same time last spring at the Château de Goutelas. The two artists took the opportunity to work together and to propose a joint residency. Perla Joe performed live one of her songs in Gabriela's performance: a monumental projection on the façade of the castle. Perla Joe was able to complete her residency with a residency at Château Mercier.

Château Mercier (Switzerland)

Within the Château Mercier estate, the Villa Ruffieux is an interdisciplinary residency center. In 2022, it welcomed 4 artists in partnership with three other CCRs: la Saline royale d'Arc-et-Senans, Château de Goutelas and Chartreuse de Villeneuve-lès-Avignon.

In the spirit of the Orient-Occident Encounters, an evening of exchange was organized with Omar Sfeir (Lebanon), Hatem Hadawi (Syria), Ali Jamishidifar (Iran) and Hosein Jaddad (Morocco).


Testimonies :

Ali Jamshidifar

Omar Sfeir: "In this magical place, Villa Ruffieux, in the Swiss mountains, overlooking a fascinating nature, I am enveloped by a wave of inspiration, of concentration, the literary creation here is like remaking the world through ink. Thank you to ACCR, to Château Mercier for giving me this chance; to be in a place that feels like a work of art."