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Call for application / Odyssée program/

Call for application / Odyssée program

With the support of the French Ministry of culture, the ACCR has been coordinating the Odyssée artist-in-residency programme. The programme is aiming at artists, researchers and culture professionals from countries other than France wanting to develop projects within French Cultural Centres – Historic Monuments.

Near of 800 artists from over 84 different countries have taken part in the programme, developing projects in different areas such as music, architecture, arts and crafts, visual arts, dramatic writing, novel writing, scriptwriting, animated film-making, photography and journalism.


The 2024 call for projects is now closed.


It is aiming at artists, researchers and culture professionals coming from all countries other than France.

We highly encourage feminine applications.

Applications for a residency period in the area of artistic and cultural projects must be in line with the artistic project of the selected French cultural Centre (see list below). Artists, researchers and culture professionals wanting to apply for a residency period within a French Cultural Centre, have to: fill-in the form following the link : , before the 2nd of March 2024

Please, in attaching the requested documents, name them as it follows: type of document_SURNAME_Name , i.e. CV_SMITH_John

Applications for a residency period in the area of cultural management and networking are to be sent directly to the ACCR, before the 31st of March 2023 through the form at the following link: ;

Please, in attaching the requested documents, name them as it follows: type of document_SURNAME_Name , i.e. CV_SMITH_John

Applicants must choose in the list “Centres in France” at least one Centre (or ACCR), but not more than 3. They must answer to all questions within the form in order to be able to submit the form.

If several artists want to apply together, as a group, it is imperative that each artist fill-in the form naming the other artists of the group in the form at the pertinent question.

Applicants wanting to propose a residency project to a Centre in France and a Centre within the international ACCR network, can do so, choosing the selected Centres in the list on the ACCR website: . In that case, the residency project must be in line with the cultural general project of each of the selected Centres. If accepted, the residency will take place for 2/3 of the time in France and the remaining 1/3 of the time in the chosen Centre member of the international ACCR network.


Applications should include:

- Curriculum vitae / short biography;

- Personal project for the residency period in line with the global project of the welcoming Centre;

We highly recommend candidates to surf on the website of the chosen Centre in order to understand the cultural project of the Centre and also to know where the Centre is situated in France.

- Selection of works or link to on-line recording of music or theatre creations, if applicable, whenever possible;

- Cover letter;

- Recommendation letter;

- Proof of residence (recent utility bill i.e. telephone, gas, electric);

- Copy of passport or national identity card,

- A personal statement that they don’t have the French citizenship and they do not live in France.


The Odyssée artist-in-residency programme allows residents whose projects have been selected by a CCR (Centre Culturel de Rencontre), member of the French network, to receive 1200€ per month and the refunding of their travel fees (up to a determined level depending on the distance from their country to the CCR). Residents are staying free of charge, within the Centre that has accepted them. Some Centres offers restauration on the spot, others reimburse restauration fees within a certain limit). Whenever possible, the Centre puts at their disposal material necessary for their residency project. The period of residency can vary between 1 and 6 months.



Mid-May 2024: Odyssée Commission deciding on the applications.

By the end of June 2024: Publication of the list of selected artists on the ACCR website.

Residencies from Autumn 2024 to Summer 2025.


For further information, please contact: