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Ministry of Culture (France): The ACCR benefits from the continuing support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication within the framework of a three-yearly agreement. The Ministry promotes the missions of the ACCR, the network, its members, and the development of new projects.


Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (France): The Ministry promotes the international activities of the ACCR, particularly in China, through the Delegation for the External Action of Local and Regional Authorities (DAECT) and the French diplomatic network overseas.


Institut Français in China: Since 2015, the network has had the support of the Institut Français in China. The Institut supports the development of the network and collaborations between the CCRs and cultural actors in China.















Institut Français: In 2004, the ACCR and the Institut Français signed a three-yearly partnership agreement which encourages cooperation between the ACCR, the Heritage Sites for Culture and the members of the French cultural network outside France. The Institut Français is entrusted by the government with promoting French culture abroad.


Centre des Monuments Nationaux (CMN, National Monuments Centre): On 24 April 2017, Philippe Bélaval (president of the CMN) and Yves Dauge (then president of the ACCR) signed a partnership agreement which encourages synergies between national monuments and the Heritage Sites for Culture.


Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris (International Art Centre): The ACCR and the Cité Internationale des Arts have been cooperating since 2018 in the field of artist residencies.

Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries : The ACCR signed a partnership agreement with the CPAFFC in 2014. In 2015 this partnership allowed two Chinese sites to join the network of Heritage Sites for Culture.














Réseau rural français (RRF, French Rural Network): The ACCR is involved in the RRF as a member of the General Assembly (since 2016) and also the Committee. The RRF contributes to discussion and debate on rural areas and the policies which affect their development. It facilitates dialogue between those involved, and promotes good practice.


Culture Action Europe: The ACCR is a member of Culture Action Europe, participating in its activities and disseminating information on its campaigns to aid the involvement of its partners and members in this European policy project. Culture Action Europe brings together people and organisations in pursuit of the following aims:

  • To place culture at the heart of the public debate and decision-making at all levels, from the local to the European;
  • To encourage the development of the European Union within the framework of a democracy founded on respect for human rights and the recognition of the complex identity of Europe, without allowing a single language, culture or religion to dominate.


ICOMOS France (International Council on Monuments and Sites): The ACCR is a member of the French section of ICOMOS, an international non-governmental organisation whose missions are to promote and disseminate the theory, method and techniques relevant to the conservation, protection and promotion of heritage. ICOMOS participates in the UNESCO World Heritage Convention as an advisory body on the implementation of the Convention, and acts as a scientific advisor to the World Heritage Committee on the addition of cultural monuments and sites to the World Heritage List.


European Heritage Alliance 3.3.  : The European Heritage Alliance 3.3 is an informal European sectoral platform composed of more than 40 European or international networks and organisations active in the wider field of cultural heritage. The Alliance was launched in June 2011 on occasion of the European Heritage Congress 2011 organised by  Europa Nostra  in Amsterdam.





European Alliance for Culture and the Arts  :  37 European networks, including the ACCR