Les Centres culturels de rencontre develop an artistic, cultural and intellectual project in synergy with a major heritage site, demonstrating modern know-how in heritage enhancement. They set up cultural exchanges, residencies for artists and researchers, co-productions, a tourism policy, research, innovation, mediation and artistic and cultural transmission. In France, 24 heritage sites are members of the association. They have been awarded the "Centre culturel de rencontre" state label, or are in the process of obtaining it.


Although the "Centre culturel de rencontre" label was born in France, the values it defends know no borders. As a result, the association is now well established abroad. With a view to promoting exchanges, best practice and the concept of CCRs, the ACCR is forging relationships with innovative heritage sites in Europe and the rest of the world. These sites adhere to the European and International Charter for CCRs signed in Dublin in 1992. As part of a dense network of cultural players, they share and develop their expertise in the field of heritage and artistic development.


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