• Mohammed Harb
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Mohammed Harb/

Visual artist

Mohamed Harb was born in Gaza City where he lives and works. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Al Najah University in Nablus (2001).

He is a member of the Palestinian Association of Fine Artists. He has been working as a director at the Palestinian Space Channel in Gaza since 2003. Harb has also participated in many local, regional and international exhibitions, festivals and workshops which were organized in Europe and different Arab countries.

Harb had witnessed many hard events and situations in Gaza such as the uprising, blockade, and war and he still lives under the hard stand still situation in Gaza. His art has been influenced by the gray reality of the Palestinian issue as he tried to characterize it by colors.

Nevertheless, all of his different types of work investigate the hidden human body. Since 1995 Harb has been working in plastic and other fields of arts. Recently, he has become interested in photography, video art and documentary direction films within the plastic artistic vision as he has deep imagination in light formation art and image creation through a combination of art and technology. Harb becomes one of the most important contemporary artists in the field of visual art.

Also he is very active in organizing many exhibitions and workshops in Palestine and abroad. Harb has got many local and international awards and several grants for his innovation not only in project implementation but also the use of IT and video techniques.

Residency project:

“During the residency period, I'm looking forward to developing my experience, and research on the idea of “the video art film” that aims to discover the hidden side of my personality, which will help in enhancing the relationship with art and forming new concepts that liberate us from restrictions, giving a new space of light to the artist, and so discovering my hidden side of myself through video film.

This project includes new visual dialogues in the video art film that I will produce during the residency period, this will help me to improve my experience in video art that will be achieved through working on the project, and perhaps will contribute to the development of my idea for new artwork.”