• Afrouz Forouzand
theater Alloue

Afrouz Forouzand/


She is a playwright and theater director from Iran.

Graduated from Tehran University Faculty of Fine Arts. She has been working professionally in theater for three decades. In addition to writing and directing plays, she has also written several screenplays and series.

She was born in a city that was involved in war for years; so, war and its consequences are always part of her concerns. Her style of work is social realism, and she believes that she lives in a society that needs to shout out its many problems every day in order to be heard. But unfortunately, in totalitarian regimes, social works are constantly censored; and Forouzand's works are no exception to this rule.

Residency project:

The play "We watch!" is a project that she has written during her stay in La Maison Maria Casarès. The play is about an Iranian couple who were arrested and imprisoned in one of Iran's social protests, and release after months. This period of arrest and imprisonment has caused them to suffer physical and then mental damage, and this problem has disturbed their marriage.