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Artists' Windows


During the 20th century, many artists have contributed to the art of the stained glass window. It was at Notre Dame de Paris in 1939 that the first rows erupted over these windows, between those who were either for or against the use of modern art in heritage and cultural buildings. In 1956 the painter Jacques Villon was commissioned to create his first windows for the Cathedral in Metz, and his work there was later followed by that of Marc Chagall.

The exhibition Vitraux d’artistes uses preparatory studies, sketches, trial panels and workshop reproductions to trace the history of window art through public commissions for prestigious buildings such as the cathedrals of Metz, Nevers, Rodez, Dignes-les-Bains and Tours, as well as more modest churches such as those in Audincourt, Faymoreau and Montferrand-le-Château.

The exhibition immerses us in the creative process, accompanied at each stage by master glass-makers. Figurative, abstract or minimalist, with or without lead, these artists are developing a new creative repertoire in window art which is now part of our national heritage.

Artists being exhibited: Jean-Michel Alberola, Jean Bazaine, Stéphane Belzère, Marcel Breuer, Pierre Buraglio, Jean-Marc Cerino, Gérard Collin-Thiébault, Jean-François Comment, Gérard Garouste, Simon Hantaï, Rémy Hysbergue, Ann Veronica Janssen, Jacques Le Chevallier, Fernand Léger, Gabriel Loire, Pierre Mabille, Alfred Manessier, Robert Morris, Aurélie Nemours, Jean-Michel Othoniel, David Rabinowitch, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, François Rouan, Georges Rouault, Gilles Rousvoal, Matthew Tyson, Claude Viallat, Jacques Villon, Carmelo Zagari.