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Un regard intime sur Déodat de Séverac/

Un regard intime sur Déodat de Séverac

© Jean-Baptiste Millot


The association Les Amis de l’Esparrou present an intimate portrait of the French composer Déodat de Séverac (20 July 1872 – 24 March 1921) to mark the centenary of his death.

During 2021, three films will be produced by the association in a project titled ‘L'intime au coeur des arts’.
The first was filmed at the house in St Félix de Lauragais where Déodat de Séverac was born, and depicts his childhood. Several of his piano works, recordings of which by François-Michel Rignol received numerous awards such as the choc Classica, were performed for this film by Rignol on the historic Steinway that Déodat de Séverac imported from the US. This first film will be released on 24 March.
The second film will examine Déodat de Séverac as an adult – his decision to leave Paris and settle in Occitanie in southern France, his love of nature, and his relationship with his friends.  
Thanks to the support of the rights holders and a partnership with the library of Toulouse, the association has been granted access to a large number of letters from Déodat de Séverac to his family, his sister Alix, his friends, musicians and artists.
The third instalment will be devoted to the Cerdaña cycle and will be filmed in Cerdagne in natural surroundings.