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Royaumont Festival/

Royaumont Festival


Brahms, Mahler, Stockhausen, Bach, la Fontaine, Boris Vian… from 6 September to 31 October, the Fondation Royaumont offers you 18 events which reflect the diversity of the artistic forms it supports: vocal repertoire, contemporary musical composition, contemporary dance, and events for young people.

From early music to contemporary creation, from choreographic research to the multicultural encounters, the Festival showcases the year-round work of the Royaumont international centre for artists working in music and dance. The Fondation Royaumont was created in 1964 and is the owner of the former abbey which houses the Centre. The abbey was built by St Louis in 1228, but was abandoned by its monks during the French Revolution. It later became a cotton mill, and from 1864-1905 it housed a community of novice nuns. In 1905 it was acquired by the Goüin family. The abbey was classed as a historic monument in 1927, and its park was awarded the same status in 1948.