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  • "Rencontres autour de l'intime" - 5th Edition
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"Rencontres autour de l'intime" - 5th Edition/

"Rencontres autour de l'intime" - 5th Edition

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"The song of the earth"

The 100-hectare Domaine de l’Esparrou, situated above the lake of Canet-Saint-Nazaire and the meadows of Cagareil, houses a 72-hectare vineyard, 5-hectare park, and woodland which is home to many species of birds. The land, which has been cultivated since before 1875, tells the story of human history and of the encounters between man, nature and the land. The song of the earth is also the song of those who leave it, in forlorn migrations as a consequence of war, tyranny or our rapidly changing climate.

It is these relationships, this intimacy between humankind and the earth, which we will be exploring during our 5th Rencontres autour de l’intime. Events will take place in iconic locations across the region, such as the Rivesaltes Memorial Museum, the Palace of the Kings of Majorca, the Jean Vigo Institute, the Jean Piat Theatre and the Maison des Jeunes in Canet-en-Roussillon. There will be concerts, artistic performances, conferences and workshops for all audiences – click here to explore the full programme!