Summer is coming!/

Summer is coming!


Discovering the CCR

The CCRs re-opened their doors several weeks ago. Visitors will gradually rediscover the verdant gardens and the extraordinary, often intimate, back-stories of the Centres.

Residents are occupying the spaces. Renovation works are recommencing. Live events are taking shape. Summer is here.

The teams have taken every necessary precaution in order to ensure safe and hygienic conditions for their visitors. Visitor routes have been modified. Cultural events have been adapted so that, little by little, living culture can take to the stage once more. Programmes have been revisited to fit the adapted spaces, concerts broadcast from the heights of bell towers, in squares or online, collective creations, special visits and tours. The CCRs often have large spaces at their disposal, which facilitate social distancing, and open-air events can take full advantage of the warm summer weather!