Publication / Collection of texts by Frédéric Deval/

Publication / Collection of texts by Frédéric Deval

Remi Hostekind

Frédéric Deval, artistic director who passed away in 2016, left a profound mark on Royaumont Abbey, where he created the Transcultural Music Program in 2000.


Wishing to pay tribute to his work, the Royaumont Foundation team decided to publish Petites géométries de l'expérience musicale, a posthumous collection of texts by the artist. The texts, written since the 1980s, have been compiled by Ghislaine Glasson Feschaumes (Université Paris Nanterre) and introduced by Denis Laborde (anthropologist CNRS/EHESS).

Frédéric Deval has never ceased to question the musical experience - that of musicians, listeners and the alchemy that unites them during the time of sharing. This empirical research has led him to develop an artistic program centered on the freedom to create with others, beyond any assignment to identity or community.