Panorama of residencies/

Panorama of residencies

The Association des Centres culturels de rencontre is pleased to share with you the panorama of residencies!

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On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Odyssée residency program for foreign artists, cultural professionals and researchers, the ACCR wanted to take a look at these past years, which have honored the values of welcome and hospitality that are dear to the network.

Through three programs coordinated by the ACCR and supported by the Ministry of Culture, more than 881 artists and cultural professionals have been able to carry out residencies in the partner CCR. The CCR are places conducive to creation, offering a break to people in precarious situations for both social and political reasons. Thanks to their exceptional setting and the support provided, artists can give free rein to their creativity, finding a place for exploration and expression.

A privileged moment of encounter, the residencies establish links between distinct, sometimes opposed, universes, thanks to art and culture. These intense exchanges enrich both the daily life of the Cultural Centre and the artist's practice. The programming of the CCR is enriched by this confrontation of ideas and cultures.

Through the residency program, the ACCR wanted to pay tribute to these artists and cultural professionals who, for the past twenty years, have nourished the network with their fresh perspective and thanks to the intercultural dialogue that they allow.

"May the ACCR remain for exiled artists and for all artists an open door to the world as they are for us."