European Tourism - Call for mergency measures (Covid-19)/

European Tourism - Call for mergency measures (Covid-19)


The European Tourism Manifesto alliance has issued a statement on the implementation of urgent measures to limit the COVID-19 outbreak’s impact on the sector.


The effects of the outbreak are already being felt throughout the global economy. Economic activity has dropped, and all evidence points towards a significant downturn in areas affected by the virus. The tourism and travel sector is particularly hit. Millions of jobs are currently at stake, while many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) risk closing their business. Support for tourism must be a priority in the crisis response, recovery plans and actions of affected economies.

This alliance gathers more than 50 European public and private organizations, including Europa Nostra and others with a focus on culture and heritage. It  calls on the European Union for action on key policy priorities for the tourism sector.


Please find the statement attached.