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Launch of the People Places & Stories course platform/

Launch of the People Places & Stories course platform

The ACCR is pleased to announce the launch of the "People, Places and Stories" platform, which will allow heritage professionals to learn about heritage community development. A way to develop an inclusive memory around heritage, in accordance with the stories of the inhabitants!

In the framework of the development of its European projects and its commitment to the Faro Convention on the value of cultural heritage for society, the ACCR has joined the "People, Places and Stories" (PPS) project along with seven other cultural and academic partners: The Centre for Applied Archaeology (CAA), PLATO, The Landkreis Kassel, The Federation for European Storytelling (FEST), Smart Revolution, blinc eG and the University of Salento.  

People Places and Stories is an Erasmus + project that focuses on creating heritage communities as socio-cultural spaces for creativity, learning and participation. The platform translates the principles of the Faro Convention into practice in order to strengthen the capacity of citizens, facilitators and local authorities to engage in these heritage communities.

Thus, this project aims at raising awareness and training the inhabitants, mediators and actors of the heritage to take into account the discourse of each one for the narration of the heritage. This participative approach allows us to consider heritage as a collectively woven memory and no longer as an autonomous entity. Heritage becomes a resource for sustainable social development.

Thanks to a cooperative work carried out since two years, a collection and an analysis of good practices are made available online to make them shared resources. This toolbox and learning platform accompanies interested people with practical guidelines and concrete examples.

The training is designed in six key steps for building and/or developing a heritage community, steps defined by the PPS team of which the ACCR is a part. For each step, you will find relevant interviews and documents, examples of good practice, a list of skills and activities, and a quiz with questions and exercises.