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Lauch of the Ecole de l'Oralité/

Lauch of the Ecole de l'Oralité


The Ecole de l’Oralité is a new artistic and cultural education project developed for students by the Abbaye de Sylvanès to run for three years.

Following an initial meeting in December with Emmanuel Bardon, a singer with Canticum Novum and the initiator of the project, the following month 40 schoolchildren began a series of practical artistic workshops based on singing, music and dance. Using teaching methods based on orality, the students discover a new way of bringing artistic practices into their lives, creating links between different art forms, cultures and generations.

The artists and children were inspired by the idea of pathways and journeys, and decided on the Silk Route as their theme. The students will explore seven cultures through an examination of culinary recipes, traditional festivals, religions, musical instruments, songs and architecture. The objective of the project is a collective creation on the theme of multiculturalism, planned for June 2021 at the Abbaye de Sylvanès.