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The Festival de Saintes celebrates its 50th edition/

The Festival de Saintes celebrates its 50th edition


From 17-24 July 2021, the Abbaye aux Dames celebrates the 50th edition of the Festival de Saintes.

From its beginnings in the ruins of the abbey in 1972 to the experimental LABO of 2000, from the pioneering years of the Festival de Musique Ancienne to the Académies Musicales, the Festival de Saintes has constantly reinvented itself in its steadfast dedication to musical excellence.  

For this special occasion, the Festival team is planning a collective celebration to allow everyone, whatever their knowledge, interests or desires, to experience the Abbaye aux Dames and its music.
The Festival is defined by its setting, the Abbaye aux Dames. Beauty, refinement and excellence are its very bedrock of its continuity and influence, and the Festival’s constant quest for artistic talent, the unusual, new interpretations and the re-examination of works also underpin this 50th edition.