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Cosmos Design from here and beyond/

Cosmos Design from here and beyond


Black holes, dark matter, spiral nebulae, exoplanets, gravitational waves, big bang, the multiverse... The countless objects and cosmic phenomena that shape our Universe offer as many sources of inspiration for literature, music, visual and live arts… Design is no exception to this same fascination. 

Since the dawn of humankind, the Universe has been the deepest source of wonder. What is our place in this vast expanse of space, that took its origin some 13.8 billion light-years across? How did the cosmic evolution enfold? Are we alone? Why does the Universe exist at all?

This “Cosmos” exhibition reveals the work of designers who have conceptually, technically or poetically explored our Universe’s architecture and the hidden physical laws that govern it.From Albert Einstein’s general relativity to quantum theory, from gravity to the nature of space and time, from the micro to macro scales, our modern picture of the cosmos is brought to life through various design or architecture projects that take us well beyond these scientific roots, bearing witness to its mysteries and beauty.