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Videoconferences: ‘Nos libertés confinées’/

Videoconferences: ‘Nos libertés confinées’


‘Nos libertés confinées’ is a series of three videoconferences/webinars co-organised by the Observatoire Lyonnais des Libertés Publiques and the Château de Goutelas.

The legal and regulatory frameworks put in place in France to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, notably the creation of a ‘state of public health emergency’ in the law of 23 March 2020, resulted in the imposition of restrictions on freedoms that were previously seen as guaranteed. Various arrangements anticipated by the bill ‘relating to global security’ and the bill ‘reinforcing republican principles’ aroused concerns and protests.

The three webinars aim to understand how certain legal innovations of recent years have resulted in what could be seen as an ‘erasing’ of the citizen through changes to our freedoms and the reduction in the role of democratic debate (first session), in what ways the ‘right to health’ can justify certain of these restrictions (second session), and how we can restore our freedoms (third session).

At the beginning and end of each conference, the artist and exhibition curator Thierry Fournier will briefly present his work.

1st videoconference: ‘L’effacement du citoyen’

2nd videoconference: ‘Le droit à la santé plus fort que les libertés fondamentales’

3rd videoconference: ‘Retrouver le chemin des libertés’: 25 February, 12h–14h on the Château de Goutelas website.