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  • 2021 edition Biomimicry in the garden / International Garden Festival
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2021 edition Biomimicry in the garden / International Garden Festival/

2021 edition Biomimicry in the garden / International Garden Festival


What if, even in the garden, we redesigned everything from a perspective of mimicry and having the same shapes and structures everywhere? Understanding and imitating living systems and, in particular, natural ecosystems is one of the keys to our future.

Managing the flow, energy, purification and storage of water, converting sunlight into energy, green chemistry... it can all be found in nature. Biomimicry is an innovative process inspired by living shapes, materials, properties and functions, and we can learn a lot from it in terms of bioluminescence, thermoregulation, cleaning up pollution, water repulsion, wind resistance and so on. The aim is to restore nature, animals as well as plants, to its place at the heart of human projects. Nature is therefore no longer just a resource or a constraint; it is a real source of inspiration.

Whether you look at the silk of spiders, the organisation of termite mounds or the tendrils of the Virginia creeper or burdock, there are a thousand opportunities to take a leaf out of nature's book and apply its techniques to the garden. The gardens for the 2021 edition are still as creative as ever, and at the same time portray the benefits of biomimicry, thanks to some remarkable talent.

In pursuit of this theme and its visual interpretation, designers for the 2021 event have proposed ambitious and exemplary creations that feature fresh and contemporary scenes, aiming to surprise, give understanding and capture imaginations all at once.

Chantal Colleu-Dumond
Director of the International Garden Festival