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2021 Art Season/

2021 Art Season


The 2021 Art Season is once again on the theme of nature, and the work of around fifteen new artists, including some original creations, will, as in previous years, interact with the landscape and architecture of the Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire.

First and foremost, two fantastic artists, Miquel Barceló and Paul Rebeyrolle will be celebrated this time. These artists both have a great energy and enjoy working with raw materials, playing with the thickness of objects and the textures of the tangible and of nature. With the power of tormented despair, they express their deepest feelings of the pain and joy of being, of living. Miquel Barceló will be designing an original artwork in terracotta and ceramic for a grove in the Historic Grounds, while the Château will house around thirty beautiful landscape representations by Paul Rebeyrolle. Abdul Rahman Katanani uses his own experiences of violence and suffering to present some surprising barbed wire nests in the trees throughout the Grounds. 


As a stark contrast, Chiharu Shiota’s delicate dark and web-like fibres will take over the Lower Le Fenil Gallery, much like vibrant nerve cells, while the Donkey Stables will house Carole Solvay’s subtle creations using wire and feathers. The colourful delicacy of Sheila Hicks’ work will be displayed in the Château’s Grand spiral staircase, while Safia Hijos’ poetic creepers made from ceramic will climb the walls of the Stables.


For the very first time, drawings will be exhibited at Chaumont-sur-Loire, in the Agnès Varda Courtyard Galleries, featuring the dreamlike and philosophical works of Fabien Mérelle, and the poetic worlds of François Réau and Min Jung-Yeon. A collection of prints by Jean Dubuffet will take pride of place in the Château’s Porcupine Gallery, with the extraordinary series entitled Les Phénomènes.


The adventure continues with Pascal Convert, who will add to his glass library and roots, unveiled in 2020, with an incredible crystallised child’s bedroom, while Chris Drury, who has already created a very beautiful Carbon pool for the Domain, will bring a brand-new original piece to the Bee Barn. Last but not least, a never-before-seen outdoor creation from Joël Andrianomearisoa will interact with the plant world of Agnès Varda Courtyard.

These new creations, when combined with the artworks already on display, will provide visitors to the Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire with a wonderfully poetic and revitalising experience.