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  • 15th european edition - Night of Museums

15th european edition - Night of Museums/

15th european edition - Night of Museums

The European night of museums takes place on Saturday, May 18th, 2019. Numerous museums will open their doors free everywhere in France and in Europe from nightfall to midnight. Lighted(Enlightened) and commented visits, play routes(courses), workshops(studios), projections, tastings, living shows, exceptional animations will give to live to a wide public an at once convivial and play experience(experiment) of the museum. This year will mark the fifteenth edition(publishing) of event.

In 2018, event had mobilised more than 3200 museums in thirty European countries, among which 1800 in France which received more than 2 million visitors. Since her launch in 2005, Nuit européenne des musées attracts, every year, a numerous public in an increasing number of museums. The success to the young audience confirmed.