The Sostenuto Project

Sostenuto Forum – Ready to change?

The first public event for the project Sostenuto “thinking of culture as a factor of social and economic innovation” will take place between 2-4 December 2010 in Ljubljana. This forum will aim at making the point on our abilities to:

  • initiate and accompany economic and social transformations,
  • think about new ways of more solidarity oriented social relationships,
  • create new ways of distribution of knowledge and of wealth in our societies.

During this Forum, we are proposing to achieve a common declaration, affirming our wishes for the redefinition of the artistic and cultural action in the social environment. We hope that this common declaration will bring our engagements and our analyses, but also our hopes into a European society making the citizenship, the sharing and the solidarity one of the foundations of its construction.

This collective compiled declaration will be supported by our exchanges and of experience.

Sostenuto – events:

1. Forum: ‘Ready to change’, organised by Bunker, 2-4 December 2010, Ljubljana
2. «L’artisanat d’art comme facteur d’innovation sociale et économique », organised by CITEMA, 6-7 October 2011, Palazzo Lenzi, Institut Français, Firenze

3. Final conference: ‘Culture on the frontlines: unveiling the keys to social and economic innovation in the Med space’, 19-20 January 2012, Valencia

For more information visit the SOSTENUTO blog