The Label

In August 1995 the Association des Centres culturels de rencontre registered the label ‘Centre culturel de rencontre’ with INPI (National Industrial Property Institute), and in June 1996 passed the right of attribution to the French state represented by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, and the Ministry of Agriculture. The governance of the label was completed in July 1996 with the creation, by ministerial decree, of the National Commission of Centres culturel de rencontre.

The label is attributed by the French Ministry of Culture following prior assessment by the ACCR and the National Commission.

To be considered for designation as a Centre culturel de rencontre, a project must first meet the following criteria:

  • to occupy a monument or major site of interest which has architectural, historic, scientific or aesthetic interest, and which is open to visitors;
  • to put in place a partnership with the local authorities and the State, to be defined by an agreement […]
  • to be the subject of legislation which guarantees the autonomy of the establishment as well as its non-profit nature and its opening to the public;
  • to implement, in a permanent manner throughout the year, a cultural project which aims, in a defined field, to develop activities in research, creation and to bring people together;
  • to participate in key local and regional development activities.