TERRA – Towards Enhancement of Resilience by Rural Activities

A European project financed by the European Union’s Grundtvig Programme

This project, coordinated by LandKunstLeben, Germany, brings together five European partners: Noirlac Abbey – France, Citema – Italy, Fondation Santa Maria La Real – Spain, PublicWorks – UK, Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans – France and Transylvania Trust – Romania. It has been developed with the support of the ACCR within the framework of the European Grundtvig programme for life-long learning.

TERRA has created an interactive platform for learners and professionals from seven cultural centres and their communities. All the partners are working to improve the resilience of the rural and peripheral areas where they are based. We define ‘resilience’ as the capacity of people and communities to adapt and reconstruct their social and economic fabric at a time of crisis and change. Through this learning partnership we are seeking to strengthen our practices, develop new approaches and create a multicultural learning environment. Ultimately, we aim to promote informal education as path to a model of person-centred sustainable development.

For more information contact Christine Hoffmann, LandKunstLeben: landkunstleben@t-online.de

Grundtvig programme