Since 2010 the ACCR and its members have changed, conscious of evolving European, national and local cultural policies, economic developments and strategic positions in Europe and the rest of the world. The ACCR is engaged in a process of redefining the values which will revitalise its communications (incorporating advances in participation) in the coordination of services and resource-sharing amongst members. In addition, convinced that the label ‘Centre culturel de rencontre’ is a label with a future at a moment of territorial and cultural changes, the ACCR intends to make it an essential element in national and European policy-making.

Its own international development is one of the priorities of the ACCR. It coordinates the European Network of cultural centres in historic monuments, and is a resource hub for the cultural re-use of heritage sites. It collaborates with project leaders and organisations interested in the Centres culturel de rencontre. It is active in Europe and internationally through its presence in European authorities and networks (Civil Society Platform ‘Access to Culture’, the executive committee of Culture Action Europe of which it is a founder member, Icomos and Culture Mondo). It has also established a bridge between its members and European policies, and coordinates the residencies programmes ‘Odyssée’ and  ‘Haïti’ (which enable foreign artists to be welcomed within French Centres culturel de rencontre) and the Overseas Artists Residencies 2011.

Amongst its development plans for the future are an enlargement of the network and the creation of a dialogue between territories, especially rural ones. The ACCR also intends to have a stronger international presence, notably in Asia, an active collaboration with other European networks, to act as an advocate for the values associated with the label and for the Centres culturel de rencontre themselves, and a proactive coordination of expertise and need.