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Ministry of Culture and Communication: The ACCR benefits from the continued support of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, in the framework of a three-year agreement. The ministry supports and promotes the work of the ACCR and its members, the development of new projects, and the network of Cultural Encounter Centres.


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Institut Français: In 2014, the ACCR and the Institut Français signed a three-year partnership agreement, which encourages cooperation between the ACCR, the Cultural Encounter Centres and members of the French cultural network overseas. The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has entrusted the Institut Français with promoting French culture overseas, and the Institut is involved in the fields of cultural (live performance, visual arts and architecture) and intellectual exchange, encouraging the circulation of publications, knowledge and ideas.


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Air France: The ACCR benefits from the support of Air France in developing its activities in China. Air France strengthens the organisation’s mobility, thus contributing to the creation of new Cultural Encounter Centres in Asia and to the development of an always-increasing intercultural dialogue. Air France is a privileged air company for the ACCR and its members.


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Culture Action Europe: The ACCR is a member of the executive council of Culture Action Europe, participating in its activities and promoting its campaigns in order to mobilise the network’s members and partners in the European policy project. Culture Action Europe is an non profit-making organisation that brings together individuals and legal entities around the following objectives: To put culture at the heart of the public debate and decision-making at every level (both local and European), and to encourage the development of the European Union as a democratic framework based on respect for human rights and the recognition of Europe’s complex identity rather than the hegemony of a single language, culture or religion.


Relais Culture Europe: The ACCR works hand in hand with Relais Culture Europe, a resource centre on culture in Europe for artists and cultural operators. It is the French Creative Europe (Culture) Desk and also acts as a unique entry point for European cultural funding, open to all – professionals, communities and citizens – who wish to initiate or develop a European project, either collectively or individually. It focuses on the current changes underway in Europe, the opportunities they present for our professions and our territories, and the challenges they pose for art and culture.

The ACCR is also a member of the networks Culture Mondo and Icomos.

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