Our missions

All year round, the Association des Centres culturels de rencontre (ACCR) bases its activities around three areas of work to coordinate a network of 44 members across 20 countries.

Stimulate and inform

Each year, the ACCR puts together a programme of technical and thematic meetings, designed to respond to the needs of members and to enable them to tackle together changes in the fields of culture and heritage, as well as legal and technological developments and economic trends. The information sessions allow the communication of recent trends in areas of common interest such as increasing audiences, communication and marketing strategies, culture and tourism.

Coordination and advocacy

The ACCR initiates and coordinates joint projects within the European Network, in order to ensure a synergy between the projects of each Centre culturel de rencontre and to give them a greater resonance (e.g. ‘Heritage and Creation – JEP (European Heritage Days) 2011’). The ACCR puts in place shared communication systems and a pool of competencies and resources. It offers a place for meeting and exchange to encourage joint projects and cooperation between members, for example with its Project Fair.

The Association contributes, through its activities and its implementation of the ‘Centre culturel de rencontre’ label, to the promotion of cultural diversity and pluralism. Acting as a platform for regional, national and international dissemination, it also contributes to discussion on public policies with local communities (ADF-CEPLI partnership), and in Europe through its role on the board of Culture Action Europe and by participating in structured dialogue (Access to culture, Intercultural dialogue).

A resource hub

A true advocate for the Centres culturel de rencontre and the CCR label itself, the ACCR each year gathers statistics to give it an overview of the network. In addition to collating documentation on the activities of its members, it also produces studies which highlight the points of convergence, the challenges and perspectives, taking into account the varying contexts and locations.

For its members the ACCR is also a resource centre, providing a link between their various programmes and disseminating information on innovations and inspiring initiatives. It plays a role as a monitor of European cultural policies relating to heritage and creativity as well as issues of tourism, audiences and the cultural industries.