Culture in External Relations and Cultural Diplomacy: Focus on the Americas

Countries in the Americas are important players in international cultural relations, from the United States, the world’s superpower, to some of the most important emerging markets, such as Brazil and Mexico. They offer a wide range of engagement examples such as sports diplomacy (Usain Bolt, 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games) to the power of the media (Hollywood, Brazilian telenovelas) or nation branding (Jamaica). Europe and the Americas are linked by strong historical, cultural and economic ties, but in the 21st century context both continents and their relationship are in an accelerated process of change.

This 2-day edition of the ENCATC Academy, an intensive learning programme for senior and medium level professionals in the area of international cultural relations will focus on North and South America – and more specifically on the USA, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. 

The ENCATC Academy will offer academics, researchers, cultural operators and professionals, artists, diplomats, EU officials, representatives from international organisations and Institutes of Culture, and civil servants (national, regional and local levels) a number of lectures enabling them gain better insight into cultural relations and diplomacy between Europe and the Americas.
4th ENCATC ACADEMY: “Culture in External Relations and Cultural Diplomacy: Focus on the Americas”
8-9 December 2014

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ENCATC was also recognised for its competences in the field of culture in external relations.

This Academy is made possible thanks to the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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