Develop your European projects

The central aim of the European Network of Cultural Encounter Centres is to encourage exchanges and develop cultural cooperation on a European and international scale.

Therefore, the ACCR :

  • offers strategic support to members in researching partners and implementing European projects (cooperation projects, festivals, ambassadors etc.);
  • organises information sessions on the framework programmes of the European Union (Culture, Education, Youth, Structural Funds);
  • monitors calls for projects published by the EU or other European funding bodies (e.g. European Cultural Foundation and other European networks);
  • is a partner in projects submitted by its members, assuring the dissemination of activities and the results of European projects (e.g. Aqueduct).

In Autumn 2011, the ACCR filed a European funding request under Strand 2 of the European Union Culture Programme: support for bodies active at a European level in the field of culture.

The Network of Cultural Encounter Centres is constantly on the lookout for innovative projects focussing on the cultural and artistic re-use of heritage, with the aim of developing intercultural dialogue within the network, widening its geographical coverage and welcoming new members.

At the national level, the ACCR advises project managers on the implementation of their CCR project, and supports them in the creation of their candidature documents and their presentation to the National Commission, the first step in the process of CCR designation.