Creative Europe

To develop cooperation within the cultural and creative sector, to strengthen the sector and work towards a diverse and creative European economy: CREATIVE EUROPE

Incorporating the aims of the European Union 2020 strategy, the Creative Europe programme marks the Union’s acknowledgement of the growing importance of the cultural and creative sector in European employment and growth, and also of the necessity to invest specifically in supporting the sector and its competitiveness. It also works to expand our work spaces, and toward the creation of an artistic and cultural sector which is globalised and multidisciplinary. It intends to achieve this through inviting neighbouring countries to the south and west of Europe to participate fully in the programme and open up projects more widely to partners from outside of Europe.

The ‘Culture’ strand is open to the cultural and creative sector and is dedicated, through cooperation and networking, to supporting new professional organisations which respond to changes in our models of creation and production, to the necessity of wider promotion among and engagement of the public, and also to the integration of background changes such as digital technology.

Programme structure

The programme has two main strands, ‘Culture’ and ‘MEDIA’ (audiovisual and cinema), and also a trans-sectorial strand made up of two parts: a guarantee fund in the form of a bank facility and funding aimed at the realisation of studies and analyses (including the support of the European Audiovisual Observatory) as well as measures intended to support international political cooperation and education in culture and media.

The Culture strand comprises three sub-strands:

Cooperation – for experimental projects of two sizes: small (maximum 3 partners from 3 different countries) and large (maximum 6 partners from 3 different countries). Calls for projects take place annually.

Platforms – for the structuring of professional modes of organisation on larger scales such as Europa Cinemas in the audiovisual strand. One call for proposals in 2014 (now closed), with the next in 2017.

Networks – to create a European environment which encourages exchange between professionals. One call for proposals in 2014 (now closed), with the next in 2017.

Next calls for proposals in the Cooperation strand:

The next call is scheduled for early July 2014 with submission on the first Wednesday in October 2014. Projects, both small and large, should have a maximum duration of 48 months, with community co-funding of 60% for small projects (maximum EUR 200,000 corresponding to 60% of eligible costs) and maximum EUR 2,000,000 corresponding to 50% of eligible costs for large projects.

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