• Akram Hajj
musique Guebwiller Luxembourg

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Akram Hajj


Hakram Hajj est un musicien libanais. Très vite placé derrière des toms et cymbales, il commence à jouer de la batterie à 17 ans. Il est aujourd'hui le principal batteur du groupe libanais post-rock "Kinematik".

Projet de résidence : 

"My project is a blend of live electronic sounds looped on a bass station accompanied by a kind of folk or classical melodies played on a mallet instrument which surrounds the acoustic groove and beat that I will be playing on a drum set. In my project I merge the new age with the old, inspired by the hectic dicult life with the sweet and pleasant one we tend to live in Lebanon, which I am sure I can be inspired even more in your monastery due to its old architecture and the new technology it delivers.
This musical project presents the narration of my last two years in lebanon. I am aiming to express through the many instruments that will surround me the dierent episodes that constituted who I am today in a poetic and therapeutic way."