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Culture professional

Elena Cheung


A culture professional from Hong Kong, Elena Cheung works to create innovative programmes to develop audiences and encourage cultural exchange.

Elena Cheung works in the cultural sector in Hong Kong. She studied media, communication and film at the University of New South Wales, translation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and business management at Toulouse Business School. She has worked in communications at the UMAG museum of Hong Kong University and at the French Consulate in Hong Kong and Macau. Elena seeks to develop educational resources for a variety of audiences, in particular in the promotion of culture in Hong Kong. She is fluent in French and has taken an active role in France–Hong Kong exchanges, particularly within the network of former Hong Kong students in France and the development of cultural projects.

During her month-long residency in 2018 at the Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans, Elena worked on an audience development project aiming to encourage intergenerational exchange. She offered workshops to young people and their older relatives, who were invited to walk around the Saline Royale taking photos of things they considered ‘typically old’, ‘typically young’ or ‘intergenerational’. The participants then discussed their views on each others’ photos, being encouraged to examine the stereotypes around ageing and intergenerational relationships. Finally, Elena Cheung was able to familiarise herself with the French cultural field and its artists through her involvement in PR and events promotion.