Jen Reimer & Marc Stein/

Sound and media artists

Jen Reimer & Marc Stein

Jean Reimer (Canada) and Max Stein (USA) are musicians and sound and media artists who work between Montreal and Los Angeles.

Their work explores the resonances of urban environments and the representation of sound and space through performances, sound installations and spatial recordings.

Since 2009 their work has been presented in numerous international festivals and they have taken part in many artistic residences: Son/Contexte (Quebec City), 24Hour Drone (Hudson, NY), Sound Development City (Lisbon/Marseille), Les Digitales (Lausanne), Path Festival (Verona), Forte Marghera (Venice) and Tokyo Arts and Space (Tokyo).

In 2016 they launched ‘Sounding the City’, an online exhibition which explores the musicality of the city soundscape through in-situ recordings and sound installations.

Plans for their 2020 residency at the Abbaye de Noirlac involved developing a series of acoustic interventions prompted by the sounds and resonances of the abbey building. Inspired by its resonant architecture, their intention was to compose sound installations on precise sites and to set up performances in the abbey’s diverse spaces.

Residency postponed to 2021.