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Scholarship in support of research/

Scholarship in support of research

IMEC (Institute for Contemporary Publishing Archives) and the Michel Foucault Center have launched a call for researchers to award a scholarship in support of research



Opened firstly to a PhD student/doctoral researcher, based on an invitation in residence and endowed with 2,000 euros, this scholarship will be dedicated to an original research on the thought of Michel Foucault, and his influences.

The "IMEC / Center Michel Foucault Scholarship" is open primarily to a doctoral researcher / PhD, from a university or a major international school.

The criteria selected include:

- the interest of the subject and the quality of the presentation, the originality of the critical and documentary approach, its relation with the IMEC archives

- the academic background and publications of the candidate

- recommendations from professors and specialists in the field

The laureate will be nominated by a committee supervised by the President of the Scientific Council of IMEC and the President of the Michel Foucault Centre who will give his instructions and advice to the IMEC Director General.

Deadline for submission of applications: 21 December 2018

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